Do They Still Make Brach’s Cinnamon Disks?

If you've ever had Brach's Cinnamon Disks, you know the spicy, sweet taste that can transport you back to childhood memories. It's a classic hard candy that has been around for decades, but with so many new candy options available, you may wonder if it's still being made and enjoyed today. Are Brach's Cinnamon Disks still a popular candy or have they been forgotten? Keep reading to find out the current status of this beloved treat.


Unfortunately, Brach's Cinnamon Disks are no longer being produced and are not available for purchase. These spicy and sweet candies were a favorite for many, but like many products, they may have been discontinued due to changing consumer preferences, production costs, or other factors. While it may be disappointing to hear that Brach's Cinnamon Disks are no longer available, there are still many other delicious candies and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings.

What's Special About Brach's Cinnamon Disks

Brach's Cinnamon Disks

Brach's Cinnamon Disks were a beloved candy that stood out for their bold, spicy flavor and nostalgic appeal. The hard candies were made with real cinnamon oil, which gave them a warm, sweet taste that lingered on the tongue. Their bright red color and shiny, smooth surface made them instantly recognizable and irresistible to candy lovers of all ages. Brach's Cinnamon Disks were perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth or freshening breath, and they were often shared as a treat during holidays or special occasions.

Whatever Happened To Brach's Cinnamon Disks


Brach's Cinnamon Disks are a type of hard candy that was first introduced in the early 1900s. These candies were known for their spicy cinnamon flavor and their distinctive red color. Over the years, Brach's became a household name for candy lovers, and the Cinnamon Disks remained a popular choice. However, in recent years, Brach's has discontinued the production of Cinnamon Disks, leaving fans of the candy disappointed. Despite their absence from store shelves, Brach's Cinnamon Disks remain a beloved treat for those who remember their spicy sweetness.

Popular Alternatives To Brach's Cinnamon Disks

Brach's Cinnamon Disks are a classic candy that have been around for decades, but if you're looking for something similar or just want to try something new, here are three alternatives to consider:

  • Red Hots: If you love the spicy cinnamon flavor of Brach's Cinnamon Disks, you might enjoy Red Hots. These tiny candies pack a punch and are perfect for snacking or baking.
  • Atomic Fireballs: These jawbreakers are a classic candy that's been around since 1954. They're made with the same spicy cinnamon flavor as Brach's Cinnamon Disks, but they have a hard candy shell that makes them a bit more challenging to eat.
  • Cinnamon Bears: For a softer texture and a more playful presentation, try cinnamon bears. These gummy candies are flavored with cinnamon and come in a variety of shapes and colors. They're perfect for snacking on the go or as a topping for ice cream.

Whether you're looking for a spicy and crunchy candy or something softer and chewier, these alternatives to Brach's Cinnamon Disks are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.