Do They Still Make Mcdonald’s Happy Meal?

Ah, the Happy Meal - a childhood favorite of many. The little cardboard box filled with a toy and a small portion of McDonald's famous fries and a burger or nuggets. But with the growing trend towards healthier eating and the rise of fast-casual dining, one might wonder if McDonald's Happy Meal is still being sold today. Has it undergone any changes to adapt to changing tastes or is it a relic of a bygone era? Keep reading to find out the current status of McDonald's Happy Meal.


Yes, McDonald's still offers their iconic Happy Meal. It continues to be a popular choice for families with young children. In fact, McDonald's has made improvements to the Happy Meal by offering healthier options such as apple slices and milk. The Happy Meal also includes a toy, which has become a collector's item for some. So next time you visit McDonald's, don't forget to ask for a Happy Meal!

What's Special About McDonald's Happy Meal

McDonald's Happy Meal

The McDonald's Happy Meal is a special product because it offers a fun and exciting experience for children. The meal includes a toy, which changes every few weeks, making it a collectible item. The Happy Meal is also designed to be a well-balanced meal for kids, with options like apple slices and milk to promote healthier eating habits. Additionally, the Happy Meal offers a sense of nostalgia for adults who grew up with it, and it remains a popular choice for families on-the-go who are looking for a quick and easy meal option. Overall, the McDonald's Happy Meal is a unique product that combines fun, nutrition, and convenience.

Whatever Happened To McDonald's Happy Meal

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The McDonald's Happy Meal first made its appearance on menus in 1979 in the United States. The concept of a children's meal with a toy included was a hit with families and quickly spread to other countries. The Happy Meal has gone through several changes over the years, including the addition of healthier options such as apple slices and milk, and the removal of super-sized portions. The Happy Meal has also featured a variety of popular toys and tie-ins with movies and TV shows, including Disney, Barbie, and Hot Wheels. In recent years, McDonald's has made efforts to make the Happy Meal more sustainable by using more environmentally-friendly packaging and reducing plastic waste. Today, the Happy Meal remains a popular choice for families looking for a quick and affordable meal option. The toy included in each Happy Meal is still a big draw for children, and McDonald's continues to offer a range of options to suit different tastes and dietary needs.

Where Can You Still Get McDonald's Happy Meal

There are some stores that carry this product, but they may only be available in select areas. You can check their availability at your local stores. Alternatively, you can also check the following links to check if the product is in stock: