Do They Still Make Twix Cookies-N-Creme Bars?

If you're a fan of Twix candy bars and cookies-n-creme flavor, then you might have heard about the Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars. With a crunchy cookie center and a creamy cookies-n-creme filling, these bars seem like a match made in heaven. But are they really as delicious as they sound? And where can you find them? Keep reading to uncover the sweet details about Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars.


Unfortunately, Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars are no longer being produced or sold. This limited edition candy bar was a fan favorite, featuring a crunchy cookie topped with a layer of creamy white chocolate and caramel, all coated in milk chocolate. While it may be disappointing to hear that Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars are no longer available, there are still plenty of other delicious candy bars to satisfy your sweet tooth. Keep an eye out for new limited edition releases from Twix and other candy brands.

What's Special About Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars

Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars

Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars were a unique twist on the classic Twix candy bar. What made them special was the creamy, crunchy texture of the cookies and creme filling that was sandwiched between two layers of crispy Twix cookie and coated in smooth milk chocolate. The combination of the different textures and flavors made these bars stand out from other candy bars on the market. They were perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and were a hit among both kids and adults alike.

Whatever Happened To Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars

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Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars were a limited edition release by the Twix candy brand. The Twix candy bar, which was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1967, consists of a biscuit base topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate. The Cookies-n-Creme variation was first introduced in the early 2000s, featuring a chocolate cookie base instead of the traditional biscuit and a creamy white chocolate coating. Despite its popularity, the Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars were only available for a limited time and are now discontinued. Fans of the candy can no longer find it on store shelves and must resort to searching for old stock or indulging in other Twix variations.

Popular Alternatives To Twix Cookies-n-Creme Bars

If you love Twix bars and cookies-n-creme, then you're in luck because Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars are the perfect combination of both flavors. However, if you can't find them or are looking for something new, here are three alternatives for Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars:

  • Kit Kat Duos: Like Twix, Kit Kat is a classic chocolate bar, and the Duos version combines two flavors: mint and dark chocolate or mocha and chocolate. If you're looking for a crispy alternative to Twix Cookies-n-Creme, Kit Kat Duos are a great option.
  • Reese's Sticks: Reese's is another beloved chocolate brand, and the Sticks version is similar to Twix in that it has a crispy wafer center. The peanut butter coating is a delicious twist on the classic Twix flavor.
  • Milky Way Midnight: If you're a fan of the creamy nougat in Twix bars, Milky Way Midnight is a great alternative. It has a dark chocolate coating and a smooth, silky nougat center.

Overall, if you can't find Twix Cookies-n-Creme bars or want to try something new, there are plenty of other chocolate bars with crispy, creamy, and delicious centers to choose from.