Do They Still Make Cheetos Paws?

Do you remember Cheetos Paws, the cheesy snack shaped like little animal paws? They were a childhood favorite for many, but are they still available to snack on today? With so many new snack options hitting the shelves, it's easy to wonder if Cheetos Paws are still being produced or if they're a thing of the past. Keep reading to find out the latest on the beloved cheesy snack.


Cheetos Paws are no longer being produced by Frito-Lay. These cheesy snacks in the shape of animal paws were popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, but were discontinued in the mid-2000s. Fans of Cheetos Paws have since petitioned for their return, but Frito-Lay has not announced any plans to bring back this nostalgic snack. However, Cheetos still offers a variety of other cheesy snack options for those craving a cheesy fix.

What's Special About Cheetos Paws

Cheetos Paws

Cheetos Paws were a unique twist on the classic Cheetos snack that made them stand out from the rest. Instead of the traditional round shape, Cheetos Paws were shaped like little paw prints, adding a playful element to snack time. The texture was also slightly different, with a crunchier and more dense consistency that made them satisfying to munch on. Cheetos Paws were a hit with both kids and adults alike, proving that sometimes a small change can make a big impact on a beloved snack.

Whatever Happened To Cheetos Paws

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Cheetos Paws were a popular snack food offered by Frito-Lay in the 1990s. The snack featured a shape that resembled a paw print, which was intended to make the snack more fun and playful for kids. Cheetos Paws were a hit with consumers and became a staple of school lunchboxes and snack time. However, Frito-Lay eventually discontinued the product, much to the disappointment of its fans. Today, Cheetos Paws can only be found through specialty sellers and online marketplaces, making them a nostalgic treat for those who remember them from their childhood.

Popular Alternatives To Cheetos Paws

Cheetos Paws were a fan favorite, but unfortunately, they are no longer available. Don't fret though, there are many alternatives out there for those who miss this cheesy snack. Here are three alternatives for Cheetos Paws:

  • Cheetos Crunchy: If you miss the texture of Cheetos Paws, then Cheetos Crunchy might be a good alternative for you. They have the same cheesy flavor and satisfying crunch that Cheetos Paws had.
  • Cheetos Puffs: For those who miss the airy texture of Cheetos Paws, Cheetos Puffs might be a good alternative. They have a light and airy texture that melts in your mouth and a cheesy flavor that is just as good as Cheetos Paws.
  • Cheetos Flamin' Hot: If you miss the spicy kick of Cheetos Paws, Cheetos Flamin' Hot might be a good alternative for you. They have the same cheesy flavor, but with a spicy twist that will satisfy your cravings.

Overall, there are many alternatives available for those looking for a replacement for Cheetos Paws. Whether you miss the texture, the flavor, or the spiciness, there is an option out there that will satisfy your cravings.