Do They Still Make Creme Savers?

Do you remember Creme Savers, the candy that combined the creamy goodness of yogurt with the sweet tang of fruit? They were the go-to treat for many, and their popularity seemed to be on the rise. But as time passed, Creme Savers seemed to disappear from store shelves. So, what happened to this beloved candy? Are they still being made and sold, or have they become a distant memory? Keep reading to find out the current status of Creme Savers.


Creme Savers were a popular candy that were manufactured by the Wrigley Company. However, they are no longer being produced and are not available for purchase. Creme Savers were known for their creamy, fruity flavors and were often used as a sweet treat or a garnish for desserts. The discontinuation of Creme Savers was due to declining sales and a shift in consumer preferences towards healthier snack options. However, fans of the candy can still find them available for purchase on some online retailers and auction sites.

What's Special About Creme Savers

Creme Savers

Creme Savers were a type of hard candy that stood out from the rest because of their creamy, indulgent flavors. Unlike other hard candies that were typically fruity or minty, Creme Savers were available in flavors like strawberries and cream, caramel and cream, and even chocolate and caramel. They were a favorite among candy lovers who wanted something different and luxurious. The candy's smooth texture and rich taste made them perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth or as a special treat. Creme Savers were a unique and delicious addition to the candy aisle.

Whatever Happened To Creme Savers

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Creme Savers were a brand of hard candy that was introduced by the Mars, Inc. company in 1998. The candy was marketed as a creamy and fruity treat that had a unique swirl design and came in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, orange, and raspberry. Creme Savers quickly gained popularity and became a beloved candy among consumers. The candy was often found in checkout lanes at grocery stores and convenience stores. Unfortunately, the production of Creme Savers was discontinued by Mars, Inc. in 2011, much to the disappointment of its many fans. Despite the candy's popularity, Mars, Inc. made the decision to discontinue the product due to declining sales and to focus on other products within their portfolio. Today, Creme Savers are considered a nostalgic treat and are often sought after by candy collectors and enthusiasts.

Popular Alternatives To Creme Savers

Creme Savers were a popular candy that were unfortunately discontinued, but there are still options available for those who miss their delicious flavor. Here are three alternatives for Creme Savers:

  • Life Savers Wint-O-Green Mints: These mints have a similar texture to Creme Savers and have a refreshing, minty flavor. They are a great alternative for those who enjoyed the creamy and sweet taste of Creme Savers.
  • Werther's Original Creamy Caramel Filled Hard Candies: These candies have a smooth caramel filling and a hard candy shell, which is similar to the texture of Creme Savers. They are perfect for those who enjoy the rich and creamy taste of Creme Savers.
  • Jolly Rancher Fruit 'n' Creme Hard Candy: These candies have a hard candy shell with a creamy, fruity center. They come in a variety of flavors, including strawberry, orange, and watermelon, and are a great alternative for those who miss the fruity and creamy taste of Creme Savers.

Although Creme Savers are no longer available, there are still many options for those who want a similar candy. Whether you prefer a minty flavor, a creamy caramel, or a fruity center, these alternatives are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.