Do They Still Make French Toast Crunch Cereal?

Do you remember the delicious taste of French Toast Crunch cereal? The tiny, golden squares that tasted like a breakfast favorite were a staple in many households. But as time went on, the cereal seemed to disappear from store shelves. So, what happened to French Toast Crunch? Has it made a comeback or is it still a distant memory? Keep reading to discover the current status of this beloved breakfast cereal.


French Toast Crunch cereal was a popular breakfast cereal produced by General Mills. However, the product was discontinued in 2006 due to declining sales. Despite numerous campaigns to bring back the beloved cereal, General Mills did not reintroduce it until 2014. Unfortunately, French Toast Crunch was once again discontinued in 2020. Fans of the cereal can still find it available for purchase through online retailers and specialty stores, but it is no longer being produced by General Mills.

What's Special About French Toast Crunch Cereal

French Toast Crunch Cereal

French Toast Crunch cereal was a beloved breakfast option for many in the 1990s and early 2000s. What made this product special was its unique flavor - a combination of cinnamon and maple syrup that tasted just like the real thing. It was also known for its fun, bite-sized toast-shaped pieces that added a playful element to breakfast. Despite being discontinued in 2006, the cereal made a comeback in 2014 due to popular demand and remains a nostalgic favorite for those who grew up eating it.

Whatever Happened To French Toast Crunch Cereal

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French Toast Crunch Cereal is a breakfast cereal that was first introduced by General Mills in 1995. The cereal was inspired by the popular breakfast dish of French toast and featured small pieces of crispy cereal that were shaped like miniature pieces of French toast. French Toast Crunch quickly became a fan favorite among cereal lovers and remained a popular choice for breakfast for several years. However, the cereal was eventually discontinued by General Mills in 2006 due to declining sales. Despite several petitions from fans and social media campaigns calling for its return, French Toast Crunch Cereal remains unavailable in most supermarkets and grocery stores today.

Popular Alternatives To French Toast Crunch Cereal

French Toast Crunch cereal is a delicious breakfast option that many people enjoy. However, if you are looking for an alternative, there are several options available. Here are three alternatives for French Toast Crunch cereal:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch: This cereal is similar to French Toast Crunch but with a cinnamon flavor. It's made with whole grains and is a great source of fiber. It's a delicious alternative for those who enjoy the cinnamon flavor of French Toast Crunch.
  • Honey Nut Cheerios: This cereal is made with whole grain oats and has a hint of honey and almond flavor. It's a great source of fiber and is a tasty alternative for those who want a more classic cereal option.
  • Apple Jacks: This cereal is made with whole grain corn and wheat and has a sweet, apple-cinnamon flavor. It's a fun and tasty alternative for those who want a cereal with a unique flavor.

Overall, there are many options available for those looking for an alternative to French Toast Crunch cereal. Whether you prefer a cinnamon flavor, a hint of honey and almond, or a sweet apple-cinnamon flavor, there is likely a cereal that will suit your tastes.