Do They Still Make Fruitopia?

Fruitopia, a brand of fruit-flavored drinks that was first introduced in the 1990s, has been enjoyed by many as a refreshing beverage option over the years. It was known for its unique fruit flavors, its natural-sounding branding, and its packaging that featured whimsical illustrations and poetic slogans. However, as the market for soft drinks is constantly changing, you might wonder if Fruitopia is still being produced and sold. Has it been phased out, replaced by newer options or is it still available for purchase? Keep reading to find out more about the current status of Fruitopia and its place in the market.


It looks like Fruitopia is no longer being produced and sold. Fruitopia was a brand of flavored fruit drinks that were made by the Coca-Cola company. They were available in a number of different flavors and were known for their sweet, fruity taste and their colorful packaging. It's possible that Fruitopia may have been discontinued due to changes in consumer demand or the introduction of new and competing products.

What's Special About Fruitopia


Fruitopia was a brand of fruit-flavored beverages that were known for their bright, colorful packaging and their use of natural ingredients. They were made with real fruit juice and other natural flavors and were available in a variety of fruit flavors, such as strawberry passion awareness, citrus consciousness, and raspberry bliss. Fruitopia was marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional sugary sodas and was popular among people who were looking for a tasty and refreshing drink that was made with natural ingredients. It was often enjoyed as a thirst-quenching beverage or as a mixer for cocktails.

Whatever Happened To Fruitopia

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Fruitopia is a line of fruit-flavored, non-carbonated, beverage that were produced by The Coca-Cola Company in the 1990s. The drinks were marketed as "fruit beverages" and was made with real fruit juice, and had flavors like Strawberry Passion Awareness, Citrus Consciousness, Peach Euphoria and other. They were targeted towards a younger demographic, and were heavily promoted through various advertising campaigns, which included slogans like "Drink Positively" and "Stimulate Your Senses". Fruitopia became popular among teenagers and young adults and had a strong presence in the market in the 1990s. However, despite being a success, the brand eventually waned in popularity due to reasons like changing consumer preferences and competition.

Where Can You Still Get Fruitopia

There are some stores that carry this product, but they may only be available in select areas. You can check their availability at your local stores. Alternatively, you can also check the following links to check if the product is in stock: