Do They Still Make Mcdonald’s Fried Apple Pie?

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you probably have fond memories of biting into a piping hot fried apple pie from McDonald's. It was the perfect blend of crispy crust and sweet apple filling that left your taste buds begging for more. But with the fast food industry constantly evolving, one can't help but wonder if the beloved fried apple pie is still available at McDonald's. Has it been replaced by newer, trendier desserts or is it still a menu item that we can indulge in? Keep reading to find out the current status of McDonald's fried apple pie.


The McDonald's Fried Apple Pie was a beloved menu item for many years, but unfortunately, it is no longer being sold. In 1992, McDonald's switched to a baked apple pie to appeal to health-conscious customers. However, many fans of the fried version still have fond memories of the crispy, flaky pastry filled with sweet apple filling. Some McDonald's locations in other countries still offer the fried apple pie, but it is no longer available in the United States.

What's Special About McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie was a beloved menu item that was cherished by many. It was a dessert that was crispy on the outside, with a warm and gooey apple filling on the inside. What made it special was its unique preparation method, deep-frying. This gave the pie its signature crunch, and set it apart from other fast food desserts. It was a nostalgic treat for many who grew up with the golden arches, and its discontinuation in 2018 left many fans disappointed. Despite its absence from the menu, the fried apple pie remains a fond memory for many McDonald's patrons.

Whatever Happened To McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

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McDonald's Fried Apple Pie was first introduced to the fast-food chain's menu in 1968. The pie was made with a flaky pastry shell and filled with cinnamon-spiced apple filling. The pies quickly became a fan favorite, and were a staple of the McDonald's dessert menu for decades. In 1992, McDonald's changed the recipe, switching to a baked version of the pie instead of the original fried version. However, in 2008, the fast food giant brought back the beloved fried apple pie for a limited time, much to the delight of fans. Unfortunately, the fried apple pie was once again removed from the menu in 2020, leaving many customers disappointed and nostalgic for the old-school treat.

Popular Alternatives To McDonald's Fried Apple Pie

McDonald's Fried Apple Pie has been a fan favorite for decades, but it's no longer available in all locations. If you're missing this classic dessert, don't worry. Here are three alternatives for McDonald's Fried Apple Pie:

  • Popeyes Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie: This dessert is similar to McDonald's Fried Apple Pie, but with a spicy twist. The filling is made with cinnamon and the crust is flaky and crispy, making it a tasty alternative.
  • Arby's Apple Turnover: This dessert features a flaky pastry filled with warm, cinnamon-spiced apple filling. It's a simple but delicious alternative to McDonald's Fried Apple Pie.
  • Burger King Dutch Apple Pie: This pie is made with sweet apples and a crispy, cinnamon crumb topping. It's a warm and satisfying alternative to McDonald's Fried Apple Pie.

There are many alternatives available for those missing McDonald's Fried Apple Pie. Whether you prefer a spicy twist, a flaky pastry, or a crumbly topping, there is likely a dessert that will satisfy your craving.