Do They Still Make Mcdonald’s Szechuan Sauce?

McDonald's Szechuan sauce, a limited edition dipping sauce that gained a cult following after being featured on the animated show Rick and Morty, has left fans clamoring for its return. But is McDonald's willing to bring back this beloved sauce or is it just a distant memory? Keep reading to discover the latest developments on the Szechuan sauce front.


McDonald's Szechuan sauce was a limited-time condiment that was first introduced in 1998 as a promotional tie-in for the release of Disney's Mulan. The sauce quickly gained a cult following and became the subject of a fan petition after it was discontinued. McDonald's briefly brought back the sauce in 2017, but it was available for a limited time and is no longer being produced. However, there are still some unopened packets of the sauce available for purchase on online auction sites, though they can be quite expensive.

What's Special About McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's Szechuan sauce was a limited-edition dipping sauce that quickly gained a cult-like following after it was featured in an episode of the popular animated TV show, Rick and Morty. Fans clamored for the sauce's unique blend of sweet and savory flavors, which combined soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and sesame oil. Despite its brief availability in 1998, the Szechuan sauce became a pop culture phenomenon, with fans petitioning McDonald's to bring it back. In 2017, McDonald's responded to the demand and released a limited run of the sauce, causing long lines and even riots at some locations.

Whatever Happened To McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

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McDonald's Szechuan sauce is a limited edition dipping sauce that was first introduced by the fast-food giant in 1998 as part of a promotional campaign for the Disney movie "Mulan". The sauce was a hit with customers and quickly became a fan favorite, with many customers requesting that it be added to the regular menu. However, McDonald's discontinued the sauce shortly after the promotion ended and it became increasingly difficult to find. In 2017, the sauce gained renewed popularity due to its mention in the animated TV series "Rick and Morty", prompting McDonald's to release a limited quantity of the sauce in select locations. Unfortunately, the release was met with chaos and disappointment, with long lines and limited availability leading to frustrated fans and even some incidents of violence. McDonald's has since announced that they will not be bringing back the Szechuan sauce, much to the dismay of its devoted fans.

Popular Alternatives To McDonald's Szechuan Sauce

McDonald's Szechuan Sauce was a limited-time offering that has since been discontinued, but there are many alternatives available for those who miss this popular sauce. Here are three alternatives for McDonald's Szechuan Sauce:

  • Panda Express Szechuan Sauce: This sauce is a close match to McDonald's Szechuan Sauce and is available for purchase at Panda Express locations. It has a sweet and spicy flavor and pairs well with chicken, vegetables, and rice.
  • Lee Kum Kee Szechuan Sauce: This bottled sauce is available at most grocery stores and has a similar flavor to McDonald's Szechuan Sauce. It can be used as a dipping sauce or as a marinade for meats.
  • Kikkoman Szechuan Sauce: This sauce is a bit spicier than McDonald's Szechuan Sauce but has a similar flavor. It is a versatile sauce that can be used as a marinade, dipping sauce, or as a topping for stir-fry dishes.

Overall, there are many options available for those looking for an alternative to McDonald's Szechuan Sauce. Whether you prefer a bottled sauce or a sauce from a restaurant, there is likely a product that will satisfy your craving for this popular sauce.