Do They Still Make Oreo O’s Cereal?

Do you remember Oreo O's cereal, the beloved breakfast treat that tasted like cookies and milk? It was a staple in many households and brought joy to countless mornings. But as time passed, Oreo O's seemed to disappear from store shelves, leaving fans wondering if they would ever taste that delicious combination again. So, what happened to Oreo O's cereal? Is it still being made and sold or has it gone the way of other discontinued snacks? Keep reading to find out the current status of Oreo O's and whether it's time to stock up on your favorite childhood cereal.


Oreo O's cereal was a beloved childhood favorite for many, but unfortunately it is no longer being produced. The cereal was first introduced in 1998 and featured mini Oreo cookie-shaped cereal pieces with a chocolate and cream flavor. Despite its popularity, it was discontinued in 2007 due to declining sales. However, in 2017, Oreo O's made a comeback in South Korea and can still be found in select stores there. Unfortunately for fans in other countries, it seems that Oreo O's cereal is no longer available for purchase.

What's Special About Oreo O's Cereal

Oreo O's Cereal

Oreo O's cereal was a beloved breakfast treat for many kids and adults alike. What made it so special was its unique combination of crunchy chocolate-flavored cereal pieces and mini Oreo cookie bits. It was like having dessert for breakfast! The cereal was also known for its eye-catching packaging that featured the iconic Oreo cookie design. Sadly, Oreo O's cereal was discontinued in 2007, but its fans still hold out hope for its return. Despite its disappearance from store shelves, Oreo O's cereal remains a nostalgic favorite for many.

Whatever Happened To Oreo O's Cereal

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Oreo O's Cereal is a breakfast cereal that was first introduced by the Post Cereal company in 1998. The cereal was inspired by the popular Oreo cookie and features small, O-shaped pieces that are flavored like the cookie and are mixed with marshmallows. The cereal quickly became a favorite among kids and adults alike and was known for its unique taste and texture. However, despite its popularity, the production of Oreo O's Cereal was discontinued in the early 2000s due to low sales. The cereal was later reintroduced in South Korea in 2017 and has since become a cult favorite among fans who were disappointed with its discontinuation in other countries. However, for those who grew up with the cereal, it remains a beloved childhood memory that will never be forgotten.

Popular Alternatives To Oreo O's Cereal

Oreo O's cereal was a beloved breakfast option for many, but it has been discontinued. Luckily, there are still some delicious alternatives available that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Here are three alternatives for Oreo O's cereal:

  • Cocoa Puffs: These chocolatey cereal puffs are a classic option for those who enjoy a sweet breakfast. They have a similar flavor to Oreo O's and are a great alternative.
  • Chocolate Cheerios: If you're looking for a healthier alternative, Chocolate Cheerios are a great option. They are made with whole grain oats and cocoa and have a chocolatey taste that is similar to Oreo O's.
  • Cookie Crisp: This cereal is made with tiny cookies that have a similar flavor to Oreos. They are a fun and tasty option for those who miss Oreo O's.

Overall, there are still some great options available for those who miss Oreo O's cereal. Whether you prefer a classic chocolate cereal or a fun cookie-inspired option, there is something out there for you.