Do They Still Make Ovaltine?

Ovaltine, the chocolate malt flavored drink mix, has been around for over a century and was once a popular choice among milk drink enthusiasts. With so many new options on the market, you might wonder if Ovaltine is still being produced and sold. Has it become a forgotten drink or can you still find it at your local store? Keep reading to find out the current status of Ovaltine and its place in the market.


Yes, Ovaltine is still being produced and sold today. Ovaltine is a brand of malt-flavored drink mix that is made from a blend of malted barley, wheat, and milk. It is known for its rich, creamy flavor and its nutritional value, as it is a good source of vitamins and minerals. Ovaltine is available in a number of different forms, including a powder mix that can be added to milk to make a hot or cold beverage, and it can be found at a variety of retail outlets, including grocery stores and online retailers.

What's Special About Ovaltine


Ovaltine is a brand of malted milk powder that is known for its rich, creamy and chocolatey taste. It is typically made from a blend of malted barley, whey, and skimmed milk, cocoa powder, and sugar. What makes Ovaltine special is its rich, chocolatey and creamy taste which is a result of using cocoa powder and malt which give it a unique and satisfying flavor. It's also fortified with vitamins and minerals which make it a good choice as a nutritious drink, especially for children.

Whatever Happened To Ovaltine

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Ovaltine is a brand of malt-flavored drink mix that was first produced in Switzerland in the early 20th century. The drink is made from malted barley, wheat flour, and milk, it's usually mixed with hot milk or water to make a hot beverage and it's also used in baking and desserts. It was invented by a Swiss pharmacist and was first marketed as a nutritious food supplement for children and as a energy-booster for people recovering from illness. In the early 20th century, it was introduced to the United States and became popular as a hot cocoa alternative, particularly during the winter months. The brand has undergone many changes throughout the years, it was made available in different forms and flavors. Ovaltine is still available today, and can be found in some supermarkets and convenience stores.

Where Can You Still Get Ovaltine

There are some stores that carry this product, but they may only be available in select areas. You can check their availability at your local stores. Alternatively, you can also check the following links to check if the product is in stock:


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