Do They Still Make Ripple Wine?

Ripple wine, the sweet, fortified wine that was once a popular choice, may not be as easily found in stores as they once were. Some may wonder if Ripple wine has been discontinued, and if so, why? Or, is it still being produced but difficult to find? Keep reading to find out the current status of Ripple wine and what happened to this beloved libation.


It appears that Ripple wine is no longer being sold. The product is no longer available in the market and it's uncertain if the manufacturer still produces it or not. It may have been discontinued by the manufacturer in favor of other products.

What's Special About Ripple Wine

Ripple Wine

Ripple Wine is a type of fortified wine that is known for its unique ripple-shaped bottle and sweet, fruity flavor. The wine is made from a blend of high-quality wine and natural flavors such as fruit juices, and it is typically bottled at around 15-18% ABV. This wine is often enjoyed as a dessert wine or as an after-dinner drink, due to its rich and sweet taste, it could be drank alone or paired with sweet desserts or fruit-based dishes. Ripple wine is also known for its unique bottle design, which features a ripple shape and a colorful label that makes it a popular choice for special occasions and gifts. It's a product which is easy to identify, the brand is also well known for its affordable prices. On the TV show Sanford and Son, Ripple wine was often referred to as Fred Sanford's alcoholic beverage of choice, making him an early spokesperson of the product, popularizing it among the audiences.

Whatever Happened To Ripple Wine

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Gallo Ripple Wine is a brand of fortified, carbonated wine that was produced by the E. & J. Gallo Winery in the 1970s. It was a popular drink in the United States, particularly in the 1970s and made famous by Fred G. Sanford of Sanford and Son. It had a low 11% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is lower than modern table wines and originally marketed to casual drinkers. Due to its low price, it gained a negative reputation as a drink for destitute alcoholics. It was popular among young drinkers, both underage and college students, due to its affordable price.

However, despite its popularity at the time, due to its negative reputation as a drink for destitute alcoholics and its low alcohol content, it fell out of favor, and it was later replaced by other low-cost, sweetened wines like Boone's Farm. Today, Gallo Ripple Wine is no longer available in stores and is no longer produced by the E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Popular Alternatives To Ripple Wine

Ripple Wine is no longer in production. However, there are many alternatives available for those who miss this wine. Here are three alternatives for Ripple Wine:

(a) Franzia Vintner Select White Zinfandel: This is a light-bodied wine that is sweet and fruity, making it a good alternative for those who enjoyed the taste of Ripple Wine.

(b) Beringer White Zinfandel: This is a medium-bodied wine that is crisp and refreshing, with flavors of strawberry and watermelon. It is a good alternative for those who enjoyed the taste of Ripple Wine.

(c) Mirassou Moscato: This is a sweet, fruity wine with notes of peach and apricot. It is known as a good alternative for those who enjoyed the taste of Ripple Wine.

Overall, there are many options available for those looking for an alternative to Ripple Wine. Whether you prefer a sweet, fruity wine or a crisp and refreshing one, there is likely a product that will suit your tastes.