Do They Still Make SoBe?

SoBe, the brand of flavored teas, energy drinks, and juice drinks, was once a popular choice among consumers. With so many new beverage options on the market, you might wonder if SoBe is still being produced and sold. Has it become a forgotten brand or can you still find it at your local store? Keep reading to find out the current status of SoBe and its place in the market.


Yes, Sobe is still being produced and sold today. Sobe (pronounced "so-bee") is a brand of flavored beverages that was first introduced in 1996 by the PepsiCo company. It is known for its wide range of delicious and unique flavors, which include beverages made with fruit juices, herbs, and other natural ingredients. Sobe is available in a number of different forms, including bottled drinks, cans, and powders that can be mixed with water to make a beverage, and it can be found at a variety of retail outlets, including grocery stores, convenience stores, and online retailers.

What's Special About SoBe


SoBe (South Beach Beverage Company) is a brand of flavored beverages that are known for their unique and exotic flavors, such as Elixir, Lemon Tea and Black and Blue Berry. SoBe Beverages are a blend of natural flavors, vitamins, and herbs that give the drink its unique taste and nutritional value. What makes SoBe special is its unique and flavorful taste, the drinks are specially formulated to provide an exotic and refreshing taste experience. SoBe beverages are also known for its distinct and colorful packaging, which is intended to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Some flavors are also enriched with vitamins and herbs which makes it a healthy alternative to other sugary drinks. The brand is a popular option among those looking for a refreshing and flavorful drink.

Whatever Happened To SoBe

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SoBe is a brand of flavored non-alcoholic beverages, including juice drinks, teas, and energy drinks, that was first produced by the South Beach Beverage Company in the late 1990s. SoBe's beverages are known for their unique and exotic flavors, such as pomegranate, dragonfruit and yumberry and they were marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional soft drinks. The brand was also known for its distinctive and colorful packaging, as well as its use of eye-catching graphics and bold advertising campaigns. The brand was acquired by PepsiCo in 2000 and has been marketed under its umbrella since then. Today, SoBe is available in most supermarkets and convenience stores, and it is produced as a line of teas, energy drinks, and flavored waters under PepsiCo.

Where Can You Still Get SoBe

There are some stores that carry this product, but they may only be available in select areas. You can check their availability at your local stores. Alternatively, you can also check the following links to check if the product is in stock: