Do They Still Make The Xxtra Hot Cheetos?

From school cafeterias to convenience stores, Xxtra Hot Cheetos have become a popular snack choice for many. The combination of spicy heat and cheesy goodness has captured the taste buds of millions. But with concerns over their health effects and the rise of healthier snack options, one might question if Xxtra Hot Cheetos are still as popular as they once were. Are they still being produced and consumed or have they been dethroned by a new snack king? Keep reading to discover the current status of Xxtra Hot Cheetos.


Xxtra Hot Cheetos were a popular snack food known for their intense spice level. However, it appears that they are no longer being produced by the company. While many fans were disappointed by the news, there are still plenty of other spicy snacks on the market for those who crave a fiery kick to their snacks. Whether you prefer chips, crackers, or popcorn, there are plenty of options available to satisfy your spicy cravings. So while Xxtra Hot Cheetos may be gone, the world of spicy snacks is still alive and well.

What's Special About The Xxtra Hot Cheetos

The Xxtra Hot Cheetos

The Xxtra Hot Cheetos were a popular snack that stood out for their intense heat and bold flavor. These crunchy corn snacks were coated in a fiery blend of spices that left a lingering burn on the tongue. The bright red color of the snacks and their addictive crunch made them a favorite among snack lovers. The Xxtra Hot Cheetos were so popular that they became a cultural phenomenon, inspiring memes, challenges, and even a rap song. They were a perfect snack for anyone who loved a little extra kick in their food.

Whatever Happened To The Xxtra Hot Cheetos


The Xxtra Hot Cheetos were a popular snack food produced by Frito-Lay, a subsidiary of PepsiCo. The original Cheetos were introduced in 1948 and quickly became a household favorite. In 1992, Frito-Lay introduced the Flamin' Hot Cheetos, which were a huge success and became a staple in many American households. The Xxtra Hot Cheetos were introduced in the early 2000s as a spicier and more intense version of the Flamin' Hot Cheetos. They quickly gained a cult following among teenagers and young adults, who loved the intense heat and flavor of the snack. However, due to concerns about the health effects of consuming large amounts of spicy and salty snacks, Frito-Lay discontinued the Xxtra Hot Cheetos in the mid-2010s. Today, fans of the Xxtra Hot Cheetos can no longer find them in stores, and they are only available through specialty retailers and online marketplaces.

Popular Alternatives To The Xxtra Hot Cheetos

The Xxtra Hot Cheetos are a popular snack, but if you're looking for something a little different, here are three alternatives to consider:

  • Flamin' Hot Doritos: These chips have a similar level of spiciness as Xxtra Hot Cheetos but come in a different shape and flavor. They have a tangy, slightly cheesy taste and are a great alternative for those who want a change from Cheetos.
  • Takis Fuego: These rolled corn tortilla chips pack a punch of heat and have a unique lime and chili flavor. They are a popular snack for those who enjoy spicy foods and are a great alternative to Xxtra Hot Cheetos.
  • Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips: These chips are not for the faint of heart. Made with ghost peppers, they are incredibly spicy and have a smoky flavor. If you're looking for a challenge and love spicy snacks, these chips are a great alternative to Xxtra Hot Cheetos.

While Xxtra Hot Cheetos are a classic snack, these alternatives offer different shapes, flavors, and levels of spiciness. Try one or all of them to switch up your snack game.